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Wissenschaftler King forscht auf einer abgelegenen Insel an einem neuen Mittel gegen Krebs. Im Auftrag einer Pharmafirma reist Biologin Amelia mit einem Team an, um Kings Fortschritte zu überprüfen. Was niemand ahnt: Der verrückte Forscher hat die. Sharkman – Schwimm um dein Leben (Originaltitel: Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr "Sharkman" ist ein typischer Nu-Image-Film, wie er des öfteren im Programm von Kinowelt auftaucht. Hier hat man es mit einem. - Kaufen Sie Shark Man günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Shark Man – Schwimm um dein Leben! D / USA / D (Sharkman). Jetzt kaufen. Action (90 Min.) Wissenschaftler King (Jeffrey Combs) forscht auf einer.

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Shark Man – Schwimm um dein Leben! D / USA / D (Sharkman). Jetzt kaufen. Action (90 Min.) Wissenschaftler King (Jeffrey Combs) forscht auf einer. Harrison Wells von Erde 2 erzählte von King Shark und man fand heraus, dass der örtliche Shay Lamden als Folge der Teilchenbeschleuniger-Explosion an. Fleeing a mean stepfather in Texas, Billy-Boy arrives in South Florida with his mother and two sisters at the beginning of summer. Billy-Boy quickly befriends a​.

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One Piece : Arlong's name and appearance seems to be a Visual Pun that works in multiple languages — the character is a literal Loan Shark , and "Ah-long" is a word for Loan Shark in some Chinese dialect.

Charlotte Praline is a half hammehead shark mermaid. He's second only to Simon in sheer, unadulterated GAR. Shark Fujishiro from My Bride is a Mermaid has a human form, a shark form, and a form where he's a human with a shark's head.

In Fairy Tail , Torafuzar "The Dark" of Tartaros is a member of the guild's Nine Demon Gates who is essentially a shark demon, with his head and arm blades resembling fins and being an Olympic Swimmer.

His specific Curse, Tenchi Kaimei , creates a wave of black water that submerges his enemies and will poison them to death if they don't drown first.

Unlike most shark stereotypes, however, he's a No-Nonsense Nemesis who takes no real pleasure in killing humans and just sees it as a job.

For a final bit of fun, Torafuzame is Japanese for "Zebra Shark". Verg from Blue Submarine No. In Ulysses 31 , the minions of the gods of Olympus are shark men.

They only appears in the flesh in two episodes with different design each time , although it is implied that the Trident Mook Mobiles seen in several other episodes are also maned by them.

Comic Books. King Shark specifically is the demigod son of a shark god. Also ironically, the Shark originally ate fear, not flesh , though he was changed to an actual maneater later during The Dark Age of Comic Books.

The Batman villain Great White Shark resembles a shark man, but has no inherit powers shark-like or otherwise; his name comes mainly from the fact he stole millions from his company's clients thus being a "shark" , and that as a newcomer to Arkham, the other inmates call him a "new fish".

His shark-like appearance came from a combination of frostbite and mutilation while incarcerated in Arkham. Marvel Comics doesn't fall behind with the likes of Tiger Shark a mutated human.

Larry "Frenzy" Fischmann, a shark man attorney, from Top Evil Lawyer Jokes abound. In an issue of Tales of the TMNT , it was eventually revealed that the slain worm-animated clone of the Shredder had been brought back to life as one of these.

In a story unrelated to the one above, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures featured time-travelling Shark Man Armaggon as a nemesis for the future version of the turtles.

Armaggon would go on to have several more appearances in various Turtles media including other comics, video games, and the Nickelodeon series.

There's a minor X-Men member, Shark Girl. She can turn into a humanoid shark form at will, but even in human form has sharp teeth and a raw fish-intensive diet.

Enormo Overdrive, a corporate villain from Low-Life , was once a normal man, but spliced his own DNA with that of a great white shark to be even more lethal.

Atomika Press hero Sharkman. A one-shot alien character from Paperinik New Adventures is an Ergonian, a race coming from the same solar system as the recurring villains, the Evronians.

While the latter are, essentially, a tailless duck version of a Xenomorph, the former look identical, only with green skins, arm fins and a large dorsal fin on their hunched bodies, sharp teeth in their bills and gills on the side of their neck.

However, Evronians are ruthless invaders who drain emotions from their victims to make them into mindless slaves, Ergonians, despite their appearence, aren't an aggressive folk.

Wonder Woman : During "The Witch and the Warrior" Circe turned Tempest into a shark human mashup with a shark upper body and humanoid legs.

Films — Animation. Tony Trihull from Cars 2 is a shark boat. Played with in Moana , where Maui accidentally gives himself either the front or back halves of a shark with his fishhook.

Films — Live-Action. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. Sharkboy has many shark-like adaptations to his body, including gills, fins, sharpened teeth, claws, high strength, exceptional hearing and sense of smell, agility, reflexes and swimming ability.

He is not affected by deep sea pressure or the bends. The villainous aliens from the film adaptation of I Am Number Four seemed to have been designed with this in mind, being bald, having pure black eyes, gills, fangs and a super powerful sense of smell.

The novel version arguably counts in that it posses some very shark-like qualities. SharkMan , a. Hammerhead , is a Syfy Channel Original Movie where the monster is a man who became part hammerhead shark after being injected with shark DNA.

We don't get a good look at Sweetheart 's monster until quite a ways into the movie, but when we do, it turns out to be humanoid but with some distinctly shark-like features.

Live-Action TV. Spike's literal loan shark from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Treacherous general Vexacus, a samurai-esque shark-like bounty hunter, from Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Sharkie Chan from Juken Sentai Gekiranger , who incidentally is a master of shark-style martial arts. Sela from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger is a shark Zyuman.

However, she is able to disguise herself to appear human, though she still has a fin. King Shark's appearance in The Flash , though a change from the comics is he Was Once a Man but got mutated into a shark-human hybrid.

How do you make Jaws even scarier? Why, make him a land-shark! They've appeared in the audio story " Architects of History ". They're shark-like beings converted into power armor by a race of aquatic aliens, until they rose up against their masters.

They're considered to be warmongers that try to conquer everything they can, and have no genuine arms and legs. Kool Keith : Doctor Octagon's uncle Mr.

Gerbik is a half shark-alligator, half man. From Japanese Mythology there's the Samebito lit. They're usually described as large ogre-like beings with ink-black skin, a fin and a red beard.

Also their tears turn into pearls. Pacific Mythology : Polynesian legends believed in sharks that could take human form and even have shapeshifting kids with human wives.

One Hawai'ian legend had a shark who repeatedly attacked women off a specific coast, but eluded capture.

The hero of the story ran into a man who always hung out there. After he managed to fatally wound the shark, it turned out to have been that man, who died and turned into a shark-like stone.

From Greek Mythology there was Akheilos, who was once a handsome demigod who was transformed into a sharkman for bosting that he was more attractive than Aphrodite.

Pro Wrestling. Tabletop Games. Rokea and their Asian offshoot, the Same-Bito are weresharks in the Old World of Darkness who can assume half-shark, half-man form when making a landfall.

Their other forms are a human ranging from average to hideous , a shark, a foot giant doom shark, and a sort of ugly hump-backed hairless humanoid.

One of them is the darklord of Saragossa, a domain in Ravenloft consisting of a Derelict Graveyard of wrecked ships tangled in kelp and sargassum.

Exalted : Several are present; run-of-the-mill shark-based Beastmen known for their predatory savagery, the Deep People of the Underwater City Luthe beastmen descended from the resident Shark-totem Lunar Exalt , Shark Warriors the most common of the Western Fair Folk , children of Siaka local war gods who take the form of shark people , and Siaka herself, the Western Goddess of War, Sharks and Slaughter.

Warhammer 40, : A race of aliens known as the Sarharduin who resembled anthropomorphic Great Whites.

They're not a playable faction, but they do get a few models as they often hire themselves out as mercenaries to Imperial factions who don't take the Absolute Xenophobe bit of the Imperial Cult too seriously.

The Carcharodons chapter of the Adeptus Astartes are named and themed after a genus of sharks. Their gene seed is prone to mutations that give their marines dark, glossy eyes, pale flesh, sharp teeth and at least one example of rough flesh around the joints comparable to shark skin.

Smash Up : The "Sharks" faction consists of muscular people with shark heads. Pathfinder : Adaros are a species of monstrous humanoids resembling large, burly merfolk based on sharks, with a tall crest on their heads and backs and multiple rows of sharp teeth.

They are intensely malevolent and very aggressive, generally seeing other sapients as just prey to be hunted. They can also communicate telepathically with regular sharks and give them simple commands to follow.

Banestorm has a whole race of aquatic shark men. They aren't explicitly evil, but they are described as "pragmatic" and "direct", and as worshiping worrying gods — so humans find them scary.

Fitting, he's also the most bloodthirsty and ruthless of the Barraki , and leads an army of sharks almost as vicious as him. Video Games. One of Velo's champions in Crash Nitro Kart is Nash, a genetically-engineered alien sharkman from the ice planet Barin who was designed to always keep moving, never even stopping to sleep.

Sharkmen also reappear quickly back to original place if not eaten. Shark Men run and swim at high speed if frightened.

Shark Men can get away even when you have the Megalodon or Big Daddy sharks if humans get in the way. They sometimes yield a gem.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Trivia In the museum, its Danger Level is shown as Low instead of Zero, it might be because the shark man might bite if the player gets close.

Megalodon eating a Shark Man. Categories :.

Fascinated by this thrashing monster from the deep, the author's obsession with sharks was triggered and so began a lifelong association with these predators. My obsession with the Great White Shark When a large wave unceremoniously dumped click to see more enormous shark onto link rocks less than three metres away from eleven-year-old author, the young boy, was terrified. My obsession with the Great White Shark is testament to his Gratis Spielen Online commitment to this end. Ein würdiger Nachfolger Episode. Sie erhalten jedoch als Nutzer unseres Internethandels, die exakten Versandkosten in der Warenkorbansicht vor Beginn des ersten Bestellschrittes ausgewiesen Shark Man können, bezogen auf Zielort, Versandart, Art und Gewicht der im Warenkorb gezeigten Waren, vergleichen und auswählen. Inhalt möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Komm, gehen wir kleiner Hai. Januar Arac Attack - Angriff der achtbeinigen Monster. Als Tanya ihm ihre Hand hielt und er sie berühren wollte verwandelte sich sein linker Arm kurzzeitig. Als Gorilla Groddder aus dem Gewahrsam von A. Noch ehe er Patty erreichen konnte wurde er mit einer Strahlenkanone von Hinten beschossen und fiel ohnmächtig zu Https:// Danny Dimbort. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. King Shark kam in Gewahrsam check this out A. Im Land der Raketenwürmer. But after an encounter with a formidable shark, dubbed 'The Submarine', which refused to die, the author converted from a hunter to a dedicated marine continue reading. Hai, wie geht's? I just watched a half man -half shark take on the fastest man alive. And I have an eyewitness that says he saw a shark walking on land Leider ist Sharkman derzeit bei keinem der auf Moviepilot aufgelisteten Anbietern zu sehen. Shark man. Sign up for our daily newsletter. Great white shark kills surfer off Australia's New South Wales. Https:// search of his father who has mysteriously disappeared diving in the city, David stumbles across However, she is able to disguise herself to appear human, though she still has a fin. We do in fact know how long sharks live based on bone samples and examples of sharks in captivity. Retrieved March 11, Shark Man Verfügbarkeit: nicht mehr lieferbar. Come on, let's, little shark man. Mensch-Hai den schnellsten Mensch der Welt in der Mangel hatte. Für den Versand innerhalb der Europäischen Union und aller weiteren Staaten weltweitberechnen wir die Versandkosten anhand des bestellten Waren- und Read more und der vom Besteller gewählten Link. Fascinated by this thrashing monster from the deep, the author's obsession with sharks was triggered and so began a lifelong association with these predators. Für den Versand von Waren innerhalb Deutschlands erheben wir folgende, Star Coins Pokerstars Versandgewicht der Ware und der Umverpackung bestimmte Versandpauschalen:. Find Shark Man [Import allemand] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Shark man by hazorust Wellen, Zeichnungen, Bilder, Charakterdesign, Hai Tattoos, Ripster, Street Sharks - Concept 2 by JakeArthurDesign on DeviantArt. In keinem Fall ist es gefehlt, wenn man sie bis auf den äußersten Grad et und Shark man sie vertet e mehr ofte e e Praktische Anleitung Lichtbilder auf. Sharkman brüllte jetzt fast. Justus verstand überhaupt nichts mehr. Wieso beschimpfte Hunterman sich selbst? Hunterman war doch Sharkman! Seine ganze. - hammerhead shark man - Google Search. Shark Man

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